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Meeting topics:

Intelligent control
Decision support systems
Optimisation and control technologies for large scale complex systems
Identification and model reduction
Dynamics and control of large scale structures
Hierarchical multilevel and multilayer control
Modelling and control of discrete event and hybrid systems
Methodologies and tools for analysis of complexity
Analysis of heterogeneous knowledge in modelling of large scale complex systems
Knowledge discovery (data mining) supervisory control
System thinking education for problem solving in large scale complex systems metaheuristics for the optimisation of complex systems
Applications to include:

application of estimation and control to aerospace engineering
environmental systems
petrochemical and refinery systems
marine systems with an emphasis on safety issues
power systems
transportation systems
navigation and control of unmanned autonomous vehicles
communications systems
intelligent manufacturing systems
medical systems
business systems engineering
modelling of socio-economic processes
transnational socio-economic systems
transnational socio-technical systems
conflict management and resolution

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